Conquer your most stubborn goals with a little help from your friends.

We believe in a world where self improvement can be just as fun as Netflix. Here's how.

Do it together - no matter the distance.

Real time synchronized sessions so that you and your friends can meditate, study, exercise, and so much more no matter where are in the world.

Share a streak with an accountability buddy.

Matchmake or invite a friend to become your accountability buddy. Fall off the horse, and you and your buddy start over from zero.

Put money on the line to safeguard your success.

When victory is essential, challenge your friends, family, and coworkers to put a little skin in the game. Last one standing wins.

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Proven Science

Rethinking Productivity

Studies show you are ~95% more likely to stick to your goals with an accountability partner.

Breakthroughs in Behavioral Science
Research done by the American Society of Training & Development found reliably that human baility to complete a goal spikes to 65% by commiting to another person, and an average of 95% when there are specific accountability checkups.
American Society of Training and Development
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